Important Laws and Policies that may affect you:

Leash Law:

The Village of Theresa does have a leash law which includes that you must clean up any "nuisance" your dog may commit on any property.  Any person who witnesses a dog being a public nuisance or any other violation, may file a complaint in the Village Office to be given to the Village PD.  These laws are subject to a fine of not more than $75 for the first offense; not more than $150 for the second and not more than $250 for each subsequent offense committed. 
Winter Parking Ban:
Reminder that the Village of Theresa has an overnight parking law.  The Village law states that "No vehicle shall be permitted to park on any street within the Village of Theresa between the hours of 2am and 7am on any day during the winter months of November 1 through March 31."  The purpose of this law is to enable the Village to clear the roads of snow and ice.  Vehicles obstruct the roadway thus hampering our clean-up efforts.  The superintendent is authorized to issue tickets for those in violation of this law.  The minimum fine isssued is $50.
Water & Sewer Relevies:
As of April 1, all unpaid water and sewer bills will be relevies to the Village Taxes.  The Village will NOT accept payment after this date for any of the unpaid balances, other than the water bill you receive in March that's not due until the end of April.   The relevies will appear on your Village taxes you receive in June. 
Sidewalk & Hydrant Areas:
The Village of Theresa would like to encourage homeowners to keep thier sidewalks clear of snow and ice; many of these walks are used for bus stops and this is a safety concern for our children.  Also, the DPW Crew would like to thank those of you that keep their fire hydrants clear of snow.  It is certainly appreciated. 
Sewer Plant and Wipes:
Please do not flush any wipes down the toilet.  This includes but is not limted to Clorox cleanup wipes, baby wipes, lysol sipes or any other sort of wipes.  These are causing serious costly problems with the sewer system.  The only thing that should be flushed is toilet paper.  Thank you.



Free camping, fishing and trails situated on the edge of the Village of Theresa.  See below for park rules and permit to camp.  There is also a small pavilion to use that can be reserved for small gatherings.  The Pavilion reservation form can be obtained by contacting the Village of Theresa Office at 315-628-4425, this will ensure availability.   Camping is first come, first serve but please fill out the attached camping reservation permit and return it to the Village Office.